Lauren pfeffer stuart

Lauren is a National Board Certified English Language Arts teacher at El Rodeo School in the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

As a 2015-2017 Hope Street Group National Teacher Fellow, she has worked on the issue of teacher preparation. In her first year she gathered teacher voice in collaboration with the US Department of Education which resulted in the report On Deck: Preparing the Next Generation of Teachers. For year two, Lauren partnered with the University of Kentucky and along with fellow Freeda Pirillis authored a new pre-service teacher competency map for their preparation program. She also worked with fellows Meghan Everette and Danielle Brown researching educator advocacy, and released a report entitled Hurdles and Hopes

As a Teach Plus California fellow, she is working on legislation to lengthen the amount of time given for teachers to earn tenure.

In addition, Lauren is a Teachers for Global Classrooms Fellow, studying global education and will be spending time abroad Spring 2018 in a cultural exchange. She is also a member of the Gates Foundation Teacher Advisory Council and the Better Together Teacher Advisory Board.    

She began teaching in 2007 with the Los Angeles Unified School District. Lauren has a BA in Communication Studies from the University of Michigan and a Master’s in Education from Pepperdine University.