Global Education Guide

Global education is what our students need to be successful in a competitive and increasingly globalized job market. At its core, global education seeks to open the awareness of our students and help them see their connectedness to the word. In California, a new initiative, Global California 2030, supports this mission. In 2016, I was selected as a Fulbright Teacher for Global Classrooms. As a culminating activity, I have put together this global education guide for educators and parents to access and learn more. Beverly Hills Unified School District teachers and staff will find resources in this guide, for all content areas, to assist them in achieving both the mission of our state, as well as our district mission, to "help our students thrive in a complex, changing world." 



In this section, you will find materials that can help you learn more about global education, and why it is important. You will also find helpful digital resources for the global classroom, as well as assessment tools.



Here you will find resources if you are reading to starting teaching your students about global education and the global competencies.



The links to my travel blog, as well as my research question can be found here. 

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